Stevenson Forest Preserve

Total distance: 1.2 miles

Difficulty level(s): moderate

Twenty-five acres of the Stevenson Forest Preserve had been owned by the Stevenson family of Enfield since after the Revolutionary War. In 1995, this fine old forest became the first parcel of the preserve that would eventually grow to 83 acres. Today, visitors can enjoy a 1.2 mile hiking trail that ends in an impressive view of the Enfield Valley. The history of the Stevenson Preserve is visible not only as paragraphs of a deed, but also in the grandeur of its trees. The original 25-acre parcel is a patch of undisturbed forest that is quickly becoming a rarity. A number of the trees that create a dense canopy had their start at least 150 years ago. Unlike their counterparts in most regions of the northeast, these trees have only a faint memory of the mass felling that occurred in the rush to turn forest to farmland. The preserve has several vernal ponds that support a variety of aquatic life. In early spring, it may be possible to witness the migration of spotted salamanders from their winter hideaways to the shallow water. Trail visitors will notice the white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail/North Country National Scenic Trail along the way.

Portions of this trail system are also included in the Finger Lakes Trail system.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 42.40943662
Longitude: -76.63797747

Parking Locations

Trail Attributes

  • Good for Hiking
  • Good for Running
  • Good for Snowshoeing
  • Scenic Vistas

More Info

Part of interconnected trail system: Yes

Trail Surface: Earth

Trail Markers: white blaze, red blaze, blue blaze

Use of firearms for deer hunting is not allowed. Bow hunting may be allowed. BE SAFE: See the specific trail owner/steward’s website for the most up to date details

This trail is open year round.

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